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What’s O2O?

Online to Offline commerce, or O2O, is a business strategy/model that finds consumers online and brings them into the real-world to make purchases in physical stores.

One aspect of newer O2O initiatives is the ability to pay online and then pick up a product in a physical location.

Why O2O Business Model is Necessary for Store Owners?

O2O Business Model solves one of the major concerns of Store owners — not being able to complete the online market.

Benefits of O2O Business Model

The biggest benefit of an online to offline business model is that it saves time and money for the customer.

Customer can get hefty discounts while paying online and get the product fast with a store pickup option.

What is Online to Offline?

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Online Developer Tools Website By Fromdev.

This website is dedicated to online tools for developer. There are many small tools that can be used everyday by developers. Having them online makes it more convenient.

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About Online to Offline social commerce app.

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